Wandering is in our DNA.

Wandering is in our DNA. “Back in the day,” a few thousand years ago or so, it’s how we found things. Food. Friendship. Love. Today? Well, today you can find all of those things from whatever device you’re reading these words on. 

There are a few things though that will never be reduced to pixels: Experience. Adventure. Grandeur. Oh, and free t-shirts to reward your wandering throughout 2021. Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom offers them all.

And while we realize the irony of this conversation, you will have to eventually leave this screen to grab them. And there is no better way to do it than through the Grand Adventure.

getNEKedVT exists to help you make the most of your NEK wandering. There are niche ways to explore the Kingdom: NEKed Ice Cream, Drink Beer NEKed, NEKed Bridges, and more. But should you fancy yourself more of an a la carte person…a wandered, if you will, than be true to yourself.

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