swimming in the northeast kingdom VT

There’s nothing like a dip in clear, crisp waters on a hot summer day – and there’s no shortage of waters in the Northeast Kingdom!

From lakefront beaches to spring fed ponds, swimming holes, and even waterfalls, it’s time to dive deep into the Kingdom! Check out Kingdom Games for great swimming events and activities throughout the summer and winter (yes, winter!) months.


Brighton State ParkIsland Pond, VT

Located on the shores of Spectacle Pond, this park is known for its remoteness. Enjoy mountains with tree covered slopes, fast running streams, and miles of logging roads. At night, don’t forget to listen for calling loons.

Maidstone State Park Guildhall, VT

Formed by glacial retreat several thousand years ago, Maidstone Lake (796 acres) is deep, clear, and cold. It offers great trout fishing as well as views of nesting loons.


Groton State Forest – Groton, VT

Home to seven state parks including Boulder Beach State Park. Boulder Beach gets its name for the many large rocks left by glaciers on the sandy beach of Lake Groton and throughout Groton State Forest. The park is located on the eastern shore of Lake Groton (423 acres). Check out the naturalist programs at the Groton Nature Center, only a short walk from Boulder Beach.

Crystal Lake State ParkBarton, VT

Crystal Lake (763 acres) is about three miles long and one mile in width. It is situated between rough-hewn mountain sides, and features a mile long sandy beach alongside a concession stand.

Harvey’s Lake Beach West Barnet, VT

Harvey’s Lake (350 acres) is quaint and family-friendly, known for its popsicles for sale at the gate house. All proceeds benefit the playground fund which has been dubbed the “Popsicle Fund.”


Big FallsNorth Troy, VT

Located on the Missisquoi River, Big Falls is one of the largest undeveloped waterfalls on a major river and is recognized as a Vermont Natural Area.

Jay Branch GorgeJay, VT

Also known as Four Corners Falls, Jay Branch Gorge is a pretty plunge and one of Vermont’s premier swimming holes. From the cliffs beside the falls, a gigantic pool full of olive-green water appears bottomless.

Lake MemphremagogNewport, VT

Located one mile from Main Street Newport, Prouty Beach offers excellent views of downtown and Lake Memphremagog (6317 acres). The park offers several amenities including tennis courts, playgrounds, disc golf course, basketball court, shuffleboard, and horseshoe pits. The lower beach building houses boat and bike rentals to use for a ride into town or on the Newport-Beebe Bike Path.

Seymour Lake Morgan, VT

Seymour Lake (1,769 acres) is the second largest lake in Vermont, about three miles long and two miles wide. It is known for its excellent fishing and proximity to major New England bike touring routes. Many believe Seymour Lake is the cleanest lake in Vermont.

Lake Willoughby – Westmore, VT

Willoughby State Forest sits on the divide between the Saint Lawrence and Connecticut River watersheds and features the adjacent cliffs of Mount Hor and Mount Pisgah rising sharply from the lake. With a maximum depth of 308 feet, Lake Willoughby (1,653 acres) is one of the deepest lakes in the Northeast.

The waters of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom also provide exceptional boating opportunities. Learn more here!