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Been getting sleepy earlier than usual? It might have something to do with the sun hitting its lowest points of the year right now. If you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to miss seeing it altogether. But, with the holidays upon us, there are other sources of light. And plenty of them in one corner of the Kingdom in particular. 

St. J Sparkles! Holiday Weekend gets underway this Friday. There will be light offered from the free sparklers being given out in Depot Square Park, the fire pits along Railroad Street, and the ongoing “Winter Lights” art exhibit found throughout town. The light created by laughter and cheer will be found at the Ugly Sweater Competition being held in the St. J Distillery and the multiple wine tastings and gatherings happening around downtown. Of course there’s always the intangible source of light, but perhaps the brightest: Giving.

The Santa Fund Toy Collection at the St. Johnsbury Fire Department will be collecting gifts all weekend to be given to area children. You can always spend an hour or two strolling the streets with your Find Your Sparkle in St. J rewards card, which offers more than a few perks for supporting St. J businesses. 

However you choose to spend the next few weeks, we hope you have a great and NEKed Holiday season.


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