Naturally NEKed

Being NEKed is natural.

There’s plenty of nature in Vermont’s NorthEast Kingdom to drop your jaw and take up data space in your phone. So here’s the Adventure: Hike, bike, run, or paddle at/in enough of the NEK destinations below, and we’ll get you some SHWAG for enjoying the outdoors.

All photo submissions become the non-exclusive property of (non-exclusive means you still own them as well. We just get to use them too.) and may be used throughout and in current and future marketing campaigns related to

Here are the rules of the road and some gifts you might get:

Visit any four of the destinations below, and we’ll send you a getNEKedVT sticker pack. Visit seven and we’ll kick-in the ever-stylish getNEKedVT t-shirt.

How do we know you’ve visited a destination?

You show us. Take a photo of yourself on top of a peak, a trail-head sign or some other marker that will show us clearly where you are, send them our way, and we’ll get your SHWAG in the mail. Just be sure to be abiding by current distancing guidelines. Crowds don’t make for good photos these days.

Gifts you might get.

Stickers, pins and some sweet getNEKedVT t-shirts are all for the having if you’re planning on taking an adventure of the Kingdom. Head over to the NEKed Adventures page to see how you can get some free getNEKedVT merchandise sent to you

getNEKed CowMoose Tee in Blue With CowMoose Tee in Blue

getNEKed VT CowMoose Stickers CowMoose Tee in Green

getNEKed VT CowMoose Tee in Green