NEKed Bridges

Over the river and into the past.

Want to travel back in time? The eight covered bridges of the NEK not only offer the opportunity to go as far back as 1878 (the Millers Run bridge in Lyndon,) visiting them takes you off the beaten path and into the soul of the Kingdom. (Ever hear of the town of Lemington?) But if that’s not enough of a reason to jump in the car, the NEKed Bridges Adventure has some getNEKedVT shwag waiting for you on the other side. 

All photo submissions become the non-exclusive property of (non-exclusive means you still own them as well. We just get to use them too.) and may be used throughout and in current and future marketing campaigns related to

Rules of the road and possible prizes on the other side of the bridge.

It’s simple: Go for a drive. Walk or drive across any four of the below covered bridges, and we’ll mail you a getNEKedVT sticker pack. Visit six and a sticker pack and getNEKedVT t-shirt will show up on your doorstep.

Whaaat??? I can get more shwag???

Yup. It just so happens that a number of stops along the Naturally NEKed Adventure happen to be only a few turns away from some of the NEKed Bridges. So if you’re looking to stretch your legs after a drive, take a hike/ride/paddle, and we’ll gladly send you some getNEKedVT goodies.

How do we know you covered the bridge tour?

Simple photos will do. We’d love to see your face in it, but be sure we get to see the bridge, too.  And then just zap them our way using the ‘Submit Your Adventure’ button at the bottom of this page.

Gifts you might get.

Stickers, pins and some sweet getNEKedVT t-shirts are all for the having if you’re planning on taking an adventure of the Kingdom. Head over to the NEKed Adventures page to see how you can get some free getNEKedVT merchandise sent to you

getNEKed CowMoose Tee in Blue With CowMoose Tee in Blue

getNEKed VT CowMoose Stickers CowMoose Tee in Green

getNEKed VT CowMoose Tee in Green