NEKed Adventures

The getNEKedVT Adventures are BACK!

After hitting the PAUSE button for the last 400+ days on the most popular offering of this site, these self-guided event and activity adventures have returned. Be sure to check out all of them. They are fun and easy ways for you to find the best the NEK has to offer.

Looking for tasty? The Drink Beer NEKed will help with your daily calories. Naturally NEKed will help burn those calories off. The NEKed Bridges Adventure is a great way to discover towns you’ve never heard of. And the NEKed Culture and Tuned In NEKed Adventures will open your mind and have you thumping your feet.

The free t-shirts are back!

The primary point of is to help you create excellent experiences in the NEK. But our mascot looks pretty good on stickers and t-shirts too, so here’s how you might win some SHWAG:

See Below for the Current Adventures Available.

Check out its page and read the 40 words or so that tell you how you can get stickers and a t-shirt.

Take a selfie at each Adventure’s location.

Visit a few locations to get some goodies. Make sure we can see where you are. (And don’t be in a crowd.)

Explore the NEK. Take pics. Repeat.

Visit the required number of stops on your adventure of choice (pro tip: some stops count towards multiple adventures). Snap those selfies.

Share your experiences.

Once you’ve finished your adventure(s), head to the Adventure Submission page at and upload those pics (remember it takes at least 2 stops to qualify for prizes, so don’t send just one).

Collect prizes.

Once your adventure submission is complete, we’ll send you the stickers, t-shirts or other prizes that you earned.

Remember, adventure about safely.