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What is NEKed living? Well…for a few hundred years it was all about living off the land. Forestry. Agriculture. Hunting and fishing. Those were the cornerstones of life in what some would call the most “remote” part of Vermont. And they still are. But the Kingdom isn’t as remote as it might once have been considered, and there are those who have found other ways to not only live in the NEK, but to thrive. To start new businesses. Attract new visitors. Grow their communities. Create their own Kingdom. 

Produced by our friends at the Northern Forest Center, the Create Your Kingdom series offers a snapshot of three different ways to make a life, and live in the NEK: Zach Perry, the taco king of the Kingdom. Sixth generation Vermonter Lindsay Beer: farmer, restaurateur, apothecarist, and wellness entrepreneur.  And Bobby Farlice-Rubio, a Science educator who also happens to be the lead singer of a band you want to see.

All have found their Thrive and offer a breadcrumb or two on how one can build and love a life in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Have some fun and check them out. And, as always, please share back how you’re living the NEKed life and creating your Kingdom.


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