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What it means to be NEKed now

It’s fair to say that we know storms.

We live and play in the mountains. They’re a staple dish up here that we actually crave, depending on the season.

Some we can see days out. Some catch us unaware, exposed on a ridgeline and suddenly consumed by abject fear. Whether you call Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom home, or just visit a few times a year, there’s a good chance you’ve had to fight your way through one.

We’re in one hell of a storm right now; the caught-on-the-ridgeline-unaware kind. And there is plenty of fear to go around. But fear gets a bad rap. Yes, at its worst it can be paralyzing. But if recognized and managed, it can be used as a tool. A tool to bring focus to what we care about most. A tool that forges an unbreakable camaraderie with our communities and neighbors. And a tool that allows us to build a map we can use to navigate future tempests.

There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm. – Willa Cather

Storms blow over. Pandemics end. Fear recedes. And what’s left in its wake tells us who we are as neighbors and friends. As people. How we manage our fear and act towards one another during this time has a great chance of influencing how we feel about ourselves for a long…long time. was created to showcase the people, places and events that make this part of the world so unique; to act as an invitation to explore and become a part of its communities. That’s off the table for now. Everyone’s been asked to stay home and stay safe. So please do.

Divided but united with #getNEKedVT

But it doesn’t mean we can’t share the giving spirit of the Kingdom.

We’ve temporarily re-tooled the site to reflect this time. For now, we want to showcase stories, yours and ours. Send us images of what your daily life looks like now; words that tell us how you’re feeling. Maybe even the occasional video of how you’re making the best of our new Stay-at-Home world. And we’ll do the same. Because this is a storm we will navigate together. We’ll fight through it together. And together we’ll bask in the sun on the other side of it.

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Stay safe,

The getNEKedVT crew

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