Mollie Beattie Bog Boardwalk

Route 105
Brunswick, VT

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Mollie Beattie Bog Accessible Boardwalk: Mollie Beattie Bog (the Bog) is a destination for visitors because of its exceptional wildlife viewing, photography, and interpretive opportunities. The self-guided, newly renovated, 200-foot, fully accessible boardwalk and trail includes signs illustrating bog formation, the interesting rare plants that inhabit the black spruce bog area, and the legacy of the late Mollie Beattie.

The Bog has been recognized as a state significant site. It is among the most significant black spruce woodland bogs in Vermont. It contains one of the largest populations of the rare bog sedge (Carex exilis) found in the state. The state endangered spruce grouse (Dendragapus canadensis) and rare gray jay (Perisoreus canadensis) can be also seen in the Bog. It is home to the rare Arctic jutta butterfly (Oeneis jutta). Wildflower photographers come to the Bog in search of the sundew (Drosera spp.), yellow, white or pink lady slippers (Cypripedium spp.) pitcher plants (Sarracenia purpurea ) and other northern bog plant species. Many other species including moose,bear, and snowshoe hare can be seen and photographed. It is also designated stop on the Northern Section of the Connecticut River Birding Trail.

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