Montgomery Center to Island Pond

Montgomery, VT

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MILE: 0.00 From Montgomery, ride south on Rt 118
MILE: 0.1 Left on Hazen's Notch Road. Becomes unpaved in 0.6 miles and remains unpaved for 7.7 miles. You will pass Hazens Notch, the western extremity of the Road in 5.4 miles.
MILE: 10.3 Right on Lower Village Road
MILE: 11.0 Left onto Rt 100
MILE: 11.1 Right on Irish Hill Rd
MILE: 15.4 Right on Rt 58
MILE: 22.4 Left on Back Coventry Rd where Rts 14 North and 58 West divide. Becomes Covered Bridge Rd in 4.5 miles at Coventry town line. Pass through Lower Covered Bridge in 4.5 miles.
MILE: 27.6 Straight on Main Street in Coventry
MILE: 27.9 Left on combined Rts 14 North and 5 North, then right on Coventry Station Rd in 100 yards. Coventry Station Rd becomes unpaved in 0.1 miles.
MILE: 30.4 Straight on Coventry Station Rd at Airport Road. Cross the RR tracks in 0.6 miles. Becomes Mountain Road in 2.1 miles at Brownington Town line.
MILE: 33.2 Right on Parker Road
MILE: 33.4 Left on Hinman Settler Road, then right on Chapdelaine Road in 100 feet.
MILE: 35.3 Right on Ticehurst Road
MILE: 36.1 Left on Gaye Hill Road
MILE: 36.8 Left on Chilafoux Road
MILE: 37.1 Right on Dane Hill Road
MILE: 40.8 Right on Rt 105
MILE: 41.2 Left on Durgin Rd
MILE: 41.9 Right on Sunset Drive
MILE: 43.9 Right on Morgan-Charleston Road. Becomes unpaved in 0.3 mile. Becomes West Echo Lake Road in 2.2 miles.
MILE: 49.2 Right on Church Hill Road. Becomes paved in 0.5 mile
MILE: 50.1 Straight on Twin Bridges Road in East Charleston
MILE: 50.9 Left on Hudson Road. Becomes paved in 0.5 miles.
MILE: 52.9 Right on Rt 105
MILE: 56.1 Left on combined Rts 105 and 114
MILE: 58.2 Arrive in Island Pond.