Lakes Region Roundabout

Irasburg, VT

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A covered bridge, an historic stone house and museum, and glacial lakes are features you'll pass on this Orleans County circuit. View Lake Memphremagog and Canada from the heights along roller coaster Coventry Station Road. Stop for a swim in Lake Parker at the southern tip of this loop. Enjoy the Orleans County Fair in Barton. Attempt the entire distance in one day or make it a two-day tour by arranging overnight stays in Irasburg, Coventry, Barton or West Glover.

MILE: 0.00 Depart Irasburg on combined Rts 14 North and 58 West

MILE: 1.2 Straight on Back Coventry Road where Rts 14 North and 58 West divide. Becomes Covered Bridge Road in 4.5 miles at Coventry town line. Pass through Lower Covered Bridge in 4.5 miles.

MILE 6.4 Straight on Main Street in Coventry.

MILE 6.7 Left on combined Rts 14 and 5, then right on Coventry Station Road in 100 yards.

MILE 9.2 Straight on Coventry Station Rd at Airport Road. Cross RR track in 0.6 mile. Becomes Moulton Rd in 2.1 miles at Brownington Town Line.

MILE: 12.0 Right on Parker Rd.

MILE: 12.2 Right on Hinman Settler Rd. Becomes paved in 1.5 miles. Old Stone House Museum on left in Brownington in 1.8 miles.

MILE: 14.4 Straight (left) on Hinman Settler Rd. Becomes unpaved in 0.1 miles. Becomes Churchill Road in 1.1 miles at the Barton town line.

MILE: 16.4 Left on RT 58/Willoughby Avenue, then right on Hollow Rd in 0.1 mile. Becomes paved in 3.1 miles.

MILE: 19.7 Left on Maple Hill Rod. Cross RR tracks in 0.2 mile

MILE: 20.1 Left on Rt 5

MILE: 20.5 Right on RT 16, Barton

MILE: 21.2 Right on Roaring Brook Road

MILE: 24.0 Right on County Rd in West Glover

MILE: 24.1 Right on Steven Rd. Becomes West Glover Rd in 2.5 miles at the Irasburg town line.

MILE: 29.5 Left on Burton Hill Road

MILE: 303. Right on Creek Road.

MILE: 30.6 Arrive in Irasburg