Glacial Lakes

Lyndonville, VT

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Don't leave the Kingdom without visiting two of its most beautiful glacial lakes - Willoughby and Seymour. The all-paved roads on this ride take in both of them as well as Island Pond. Stunning scenery. Aromatic evergreens. This is quintessential Northeast Kingdom. Great accommodations enable you to make this a multi-day tour. For a two-day tour, ride from Lyndonville to Seymour Lake in Morgan (33.8 miles), then back to Lyndonville on the following day (35.1 miles). For a three-day tour, ride from Lyndonville to Island Pond (24.2 miles), Island Pond to Lake Willoughby (24.7 miles), and Lake Willoughby back to Lyndonville (20 miles).

Directions: From Lyndonville follow Rt 5 and Rt 114 north and east through East Burke and Island Pond to Rt 111, turning left. Continue on Rt 111 to Morgan Center, turning left on Gore Road South 2.0 miles beyond Morgan Four Corners. Gore Rd South becomes Durgin Rd at the Charleston town line. Turn left on Rt 105 in West Charleston, and right on Rt 5A South. Continue on Rt 5A South by the junction of Rt 16 and Lake Willoughby to West Burke. Stay Straight on Rt 5 South to the junction of Rt 114 and then straight on Rt 5 back to Lyndonville.