Eden Mills to Guildhall

Craftsbury, VT

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A 72.8 mile unpaved link for the intermediate to advanced rider.

MILE: 0.00 From the intersection of Rt 100 and East Hill Rd in Eden Mills, ride east on East Hill Rd. Becomes unpaved in 0.4 miles. Becomes Eden Mountain Rd at the Craftsbury town line in 4.8 miles.

MILE: 6.0 Right on Collinsville Road.

MILE: 7.5 Left on Wild Branch Road/North Wolcott Road

MILE: 8.0 Left on Rt 14

MILE: 8.4 Right on Post Road

MILE: 9.7 Straight and immediately right on Mill Village Road

MILE: 10.2 Right on King Farm Road

MILE: 12.0 Left on Creek Road

MILE: 12.7 Right on Ketchum Hill Road

MILE: 13.8 Straight on East Craftsbury Road

MILE: 14.2 Right on Whetstone Brook Road

MILE: 15.5 Straight on Richardson Road at Circus Road

MILE: 17.7 Straight on Lake Shore Road

MILE: 20.0 Straight on Hardwick Road

MILE: 21.6 Straight on Bayley-Hazen Road

MILE: 22.9 Left on Rt 16

MILE: 24.6 Right on Cross Road

MILE: 24.7 Right on Main Street. Becomes Stannard Mountain Rd in 0.5 mile. Becomes South Wheelock Rd in 5.7 miles at the Wheelock town line.

MILE: 35.2 Straight to continue on South Wheelock Rd at Burroughs Rd. Becomes paved in 0.3 miles. Schoolhouse Covered Bridge is on your right in 5.0 miles.

MILE: 40.3 Left on US Rt 5/Memorial Drive.

MILE: 40.8 Right on Red Village Rd. Becomes Ridge Rd in 3.8 miles at the Kirby town line.

MILE: 44.9 Straight to continue on Ridge Road at Town Hall Road. Becomes unpaved in 0.1 miles and remains unpaved for 4.2 miles.

MILE: 50.1 Left on Mountain Road

MILE: 50.2 Right on Rt 114 in East Burke.

MILE: 52.4 Right on Victory Road. Becomes unpaved in 0.5 miles.

MILE: 61.9 Straight on Granby Road at River Road in Granby. Becomes paved in 7.7 miles.

MILE: 70.4 Left on Rt 102.

MILE: 72.8 Arrive in Guildhall.