A Peek at Jay Peak

Within the area bounded by Route 101 to the west, Route 105 to the north and east and Route 58 to the south lies an expansive valley surrounded by higher terrain, the most prominent of which is Jay Peak. For years, commercial bicycle tours have skirted this area, keeping to the paved roads. Yet the interior of this region, largely criss-crossed with unpaved roads, beckons to those of us who dare to keep on going when the pavement stops. Mountain bikes and hybrids make this possible. So we've designed a nice loop that combines easy riding with spectacular views and connects two communities - Troy and Newport Center - that have stores where provisions may be bought. All the while, Jay Peak keeps silent vigil over your progress. 

MILE: 0.00 From Troy, ride east on Rt 100.

MILE: 0.5 Right on Loop Rd. Becomes unpaved in 1.0 mile.

MILE: 3.0 Straight on Collins Mill Rd.

MILE: 8.7 Right on RT 100.

MILE: 9.2 Left on Niles Rd.

MILE: 10.9 Straight on Cross Road.

MILE: 11.3 To visit Newport Center, turn right on Cross Road at Searles Rd. Cross RR tracks in 0.miles. To continue the ride, go straight on Searles Road and jump to mile 11.7.

MILE: 11.5 Arrive in Newport Center.

MILE: 11.5 Depart Newport Center on Cross Rd. Cross RR track in 0.1 miles.

MILE: 11.7 Right on Searles Road. Becomes unpaved in 1.7 miles at the Troy town line.

MILE: 14.8 Left on East Hill Road.

MILE: 15.1 Right on Bergeron Road.

MILE: 16.1 To take a side trip that visits the River Rd Covered Bridge (in 0.1 mile) and Big Falls (in 1.4 miles), turn right on River Road. Return to this intersection to complete the ride.

MILE: 19.7 Right on Rt 100 South.

MILE: 20.00 Arrive in Troy.