Big Deer State Park

1467 Boulder Beach Road
Groton, VT 05046

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Come into the Forest and you will see how to spend time more leisurely. There's something for everyone at Groton State Forest in northeastern Vermont. Whatever season of life you are in you will find year-round fun in the Forest. Pack up the car; grab your fishing pole, camera, bike or a book; leave your cell phone at home (it won't work here, anyway) and take a step back in time where life moves at a slower pace. Groton State Forest, over 26,000 acres of new-growth forest, is just one of the many areas managed by Vermont's Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation for multiple uses. Located in the southeast corner of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, the Forest is sandwiched between Route 2 in Marshfield and Route 302 in Groton. Full of a variety of flora, fauna, wetlands, and mountains, the Forest is a fun-filled, fabulous place to visit. Groton State Forest provides not only valuable natural resources such as timber and wildlife, but also an inordinate amount of recreational opportunities all year long.

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