Brighton State Park

102 State Park Road
Island Pond, VT 05846

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The primary attraction of this general area is its remoteness: mountains with tree-covered slopes, fast running rivers and streams, and clear lakes. The land northeast and southeast of Island Pond is especially suited to the angler, the hunter, or the outdoor lover, and is virtually without roads or villages. Logging roads into the deeper reaches of this area are numerous and offer interesting side trips.

The popular Brighton State park hiking trails and nature museum are located around the shore of Spectacle Pond; an undeveloped pond where it is common to hear loons calling at night. In 2000, an additional 430 acres were added to the park. Most of this acreage includes a series of complex wetlands and fens as well as critical wildlife habitat. Located within the park is the 15 acre Natural Area, noted for its under story of boreal plant species and stand of mature red pines. Located along parts of the trails are fourteen nature stations which identify plants such as goldthread, bunchberry, wintergreen, balsam fir, red spruce, red pine, maples, birch, ferns and ground pine, tree houses for insects, birds (wrens, chickadees, wood-peckers, & owls), or squirrels which all find a home in this boreal forest.

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